Goods and services tax (GST) advisory

GST advisory is one of our core offerings. It is based on comprehensive command over the law and practical insights for application of such law.

Our Offerings

Opinions under GST law
  • GST is a comprehensive, multistage destination based indirect tax. Goods and Service Tax is a very significant taxation scheme which has absorbed most of the indirect tax like service tax, VAT, and excise etc. We proposed project/new product line with respect to provisions of GST Act, so as to minimize future tax disputes and litigations.
  • Provide opinions on application of taxes on supplies, ITC claims, place of supply, classifications, exemptions, refunds through an in-depth analysis of business model of the entity.
Tariff classification
  • Under GST Laws, classification is the categorization of goods or services crucial to ascertain whether a subject matter is eligible to tax, exemption, rate of tax etc. In GST regime, classification of goods has to be in accordance with Customs Tariff Act which is based on the Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN). The classification of services is based on the service code (tariff). Classification of goods or services is a complex procedure of ascertaining whether goods or services are composite, non-composite or mixed, and how to resolve competitive entries etc.
  • Providing effective and operative classification of goods and services by determining the correct tariff codes.
GST return compliances
  • Entities registered under GST law are required to file returns monthly or quarterly as per the provisions of the law. GST return filing contain details of outward supply that is sales and details of inward supply that is purchases and reverse charge mechanism, payment details etc. GST return and payment has to be done online within due date.
  • Offering services in filing of monthly and quarterly GST returns.
  • Providing service of validating and filing of annual GST returns.
Refund applications
  • Accumulation of Input Tax Credit happens when the tax paid on inputs is more than the output tax liability. Such accumulation will have to be carried over to the next financial year till such time it can be utilized by the registered person for payment of output tax liability. However, the GST Law permits refund of unutilized ITC in two scenarios, namely if such credit accumulation is on account of zero rated supplies or on account of inverted duty structure, subject to certain exceptions.
  • Identifying legal grounds for claiming ITC refunds filing application for refunds and follow up with the department for refund of GST.
Retainership services
  • We render advisory & consultancy on every GST  problems,  optimizing the tax structure, precautions to avoid litigation and prevent unforeseen liabilities  at various stages of implementation of GST. Our retainership in GST also includes handling litigation in GST regime.
  • Doshi R C & Co extends GST retainership for GST Advisory & Consultancy services for various activities.
  • Our GST retainership is supported by GST experts and advisors to ensure that every provisions and law of GST law is implemented in appropriate manner.
GST job work compliance's
  • The job work industry deals in the processing of the raw materials/semi-furnished or intermediate goods to convert them into final or consumable products. The raw materials are provided to the sector by principal manufacturers. The complete list of items delivered by the principal manufacturer to the job worker needs an entry in Form ITC-4.
  • Doshi R C & Co extends GST retainership for GST Advisory & Consultancy services for various activities.
  • We provide our clients assistance in GST job work compliances by furnishing the Form ITC-4 on or before 25 of the Month succeeding the quarter (or as extended from time to time).
Assessments & litigation's
  • Assessment means a determination of tax liability under this Act and includes self-assessment, re-assessment, provisional assessment, summary assessment, and best judgment assessment. Normally, persons having GST registration file GST returns and pay GST every month based on self-assessment of GST liability. However, the Government at all times has the right to re-assess or perform an assessment by itself and determine if there is a short payment of GST.
  • We offer our clients assistance in preparation and filing of reply to notices of assessments, making of submission and if required appearance before GST Act.
  • Representation before the adjudicating and appellate authorities, up to the Tribunal.
Advance ruling applications
  • In GST, the advance ruling is a written decision given by the tax authorities to an applicant on questions relating to the supply of goods/services. Any taxpayer can request for advance ruling when he is uncertain of the provisions. Advance tax ruling is applicable on –
    (a) Classification of any goods and/or services under the Act
    (b) Applicability of a notification which affects the rate of tax
    (c) Determination of time and value of supply of goods/services
    (d) Whether input tax credit paid (or deemed to be paid) will be allowed
    (e) Determination of the liability to pay tax on any goods/services 
    (f) Whether the applicant has to be registered under GST 
    (g) Whether any particular thing done by the applicant regarding goods/services will result in a supply.
  • We have experience in assisting our clients with cases requiring advance ruling, filing of application and appearance before the authority.
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