Income tax advisory

We specialise in corporate tax, international tax, assessments and dispute resolution. Our firm has a fully geared team to not only provide compliance oriented assistance but also handle complex taxation issues from the grassroot level.

Our Offerings

Return filing
  • Filing correct and timely income tax return is very important to safeguard yourself from unwanted tax notice, levy of interest and penalty.
  • Filing income tax returns is very timely and accurate along with data security. Our tax experts will ensure complete data secrecy and privacy.
Opinions under income tax law
  • Income tax is wide and complex law requiring deep experience and industry specific knowledge in order to deliver tax support and opinions to the business entities so that they can function smoothly ensuring compliances of all the tax laws
  • We at Doshi RC & Co. ensure that we help our clients in achieving all their goals with expert opinions provided by our qualified tax professionals.
15CB certifications
  • Section 195 of Income tax act, 1961 mandates the deduction of Income tax from payments made to Non Resident. The person making the remittance to non – resident needs to furnish an undertaking in form 15CA accompanied by a Chartered Accountants Certificate in Form 15CB in case the payment exceeds the prescribed amount
  • We provide assistance to our client in preparation and submission of these forms.
Assessments under section 143
  • Income Tax Notice Under Section 143 deals with Scrutiny Assessment where the income tax department wants to ensure that the assessee has correctly filed the income tax return and paid the taxes thereon.
  • We help our clients in replying to the notices received under section 143 by preparing and filing of reply to notices, making submissions and also by representation before the assessing authority.
Assessments under section 148
  • Section 148 empowers an Assessing Officer to either assess or re-assess any taxable income that may have escaped, and has not been assessed as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act. If the Assessing Officer has any reason to believe that the taxable income of an assessee has escaped assessment, then the Assessing Officer can exercise the powers of income assessment or re-assessment under Section 147 of the Income Tax Act.
  • We help our clients in replying to the notices received under section 148 by preparing and filing of reply to notices, making submissions and also by representation before the assessing authority.
Settlement commission
  • Chapter XIX-A of Income Tax Act provides for settlement of cases. It gives an assessee an opportunity to disclose true and correct income before Income Tax Settlement Commission (ITSC) which has not been disclosed before the Income Tax authority. The assessee are required to pay only tax and interest and get full immunity against penalty and prosecution.
  • This is also a very good option to come clean for various assessees in whose case search and seizure proceedings are carried by the Income Tax department.
  • We at Doshi R C & Co. have experience in dealing with matter related to settlement commission i.e. submissions of applications, representation before ITSC and IT authority and other related XX. We have experience in dealing with various search and seizure proceedings also.
Appeals before CIT and Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT)
  • In case any additions are made by the Assessing Officer in the assessment, aggrieved tax payer can file appeal before the Commissioner (Appeals) having, jurisdiction over the tax payer.
  • We Provide assistance in matters by filling appeals before CIT (A), making submissions and personal representation before the authority.
TDS assessments / surveys
  • The income tax department carries out surveys of premises at various assesses to verify the records for ensuring whether assessee has correctly and fully deducted the TDS and deposited the same with the IT department.
  • Our firm has professional experience in handling such assessments and surveys.
Advance ruling applications
  • An advance ruling refers to the facility of obtaining a judgment in advance from the Authority for Advance Rulings. The facility is used when the assessee has anticipated contentious issues in the Income Tax assessment. An advance ruling enables the assessee to obtain an authoritative decision of the Authority for Advance Rulings
  • We provide our clients services in relation to cases requiring advance ruling, filing of application and appearance before the authority
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