Virtual CFO services

Many challenges are being faced by the organizations in terms of growth, financial aspects, accounting as well as management. We have a team of professionals as ‘Virtual CFOs’ who can be primarily responsible for managing the financial risks, financial reporting and record keeping as a higher management of the Company.

Our Offerings

Business plan and budgeting
  • A business plan is a formal written document containing business goals, the methods on how these goals can be attained, and the time frame within which these goals need to be achieved. It also describes the nature of the business, background information on the organization, the organization’s financial projections, and the strategies it intends to implement to achieve the stated targets.
  • A budget is a fundamental tool for an event director to predict with a reasonable accuracy whether the event will result in a profit, a loss or will break-even.
  • With a good understanding of the operational aspects of the business, our firm shall provide the services of preparation of business plan and budgeting. Monitoring the plan and budget thereafter also plays an important role.
Year end closing activities
  • Year end – also known as an accounting reference date – is the completion of an accounting period. At this time, businesses need to carry out specific procedures to close their books
  • Year end adjustments are accounting procedures carried out at the end of the financial year. These procedures are key to creating a company’s financial statements such as balance sheets and profit and loss statements.
  • The number and nature of year-end adjustments depends on how thoroughly a company maintains its books throughout the accounting year.
  • Our firm can assist the company in year end closing activities.
End to end responsibility of all compliance's
  • Proper handling and maintaining of all tax compliances, GST Compliance, PF compliances, PT compliances and other regulatory as applicable from time to time is a very important task for any company. This needs to be handled by specialized advisors to avoid any surprises and legal issues in future. 
  • Doshi R C & Co with its vast experience and professional approach understands the implications of these tasks. Our Strong Compliance team makes sure to manage all applicable compliances timely and accurately. This saves precious time of Entrepreneurs to concentrate on core business functions
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